The application process was closed on 5 February  2016, 11:00 a.m. CET

Application process:

  1. It is an open, totally online application process, no printed documents should be sent.
  2. Read the instructions very carefully
  3. Make sure you are eligible and decide which target group you belong to.
  4. Check the academic offers of the partner universities and decide which university you will be applying to - you can choose a maximum of two options. (Administrative staff  can find available positions under the column "Academic Staff").
  5. Make sure that you fulfill language and other requirements of the potential hosting university. Detailed information is included in each offer.
  6. Collect the required documents, write motivation statement.
  7. Make sure the documents are in English (or are translated into English) and the motivation statement is well-written
  8. Create an account. You will receive a personalized link to your online application form.
  9. Fill out the application form. Please note that you don't need to fill it out and submit at one time. There are 3 stages: personal data, selection of the programmes and hosting university(-ies), uploading the required documents.
  10. Upload the required documents.
  11. Submit the application.
  12. Make sure that you have received a confirmation by e-mail.


The latest date to start mobility of applicants under the second call is 31 December 2016 (undergraduates, masters, doctorates and post-docs).

Staff mobility can take place at any time within the project duration.

All mobilities must end by 14 July 2018.


  Required Documents

 Available scholarships under the Second Call for applications